BARCELONA, Spain—Rudolf Viszokay has spent the past few years crisscrossing the globe sharing his gift of music with crowds in a host of settings. From large festivals to intimate corporate parties, Rudolfsax has wooed audiences with his smooth tones and soulful musicality. The Barcelona saxophonist splits his time between the bustling Catalonian capital and Budapest, Hungary, and has enjoyed bringing his unique musical interpretations to a host of different events worldwide.

Rudolfsax began playing the saxophone at an early age and has honed his musical abilities, playing style, and interpretive skills through decades of playing. He received a formal education in saxophone studies at the Music Academy of Budapest, studying under some of the country’s most renowned musical masters. Upon completing his studies, Rudolfsax moved to Spain and enjoyed honing his craft by playing with the Galician Television Orchestra for five years before relocating to Barcelona.

Upon moving to Barcelona, Rudolfsax began offering his music to a wider audience as a musician for hire. Since embarking on this exciting journey, Rudolfsax has enjoyed performing for audiences in Israel, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and more. The Barcelona saxophonist seeks to share his music with as many people across the globe as possible, believing in the power of music bringing people together.

Rudolfsax performs both original scores and covers of popular crowd-rousing favorites. Some recent covers include Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Camila Cabello’s “Havana.” His works are featured both on YouTube and SoundCloud. Rudolfsax is for hire to work at any type of event from intimate dinners to large festivals, weddings, and beach parties and focuses on bringing a fun, lively, and upbeat ambiance to any event.

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About Rudolf Viszokay

Rudolfsax is a Barcelona saxophonist for hire for a wide variety of events. His lively and energetic style, mesmerizing riffs, and unique interpretations are beloved by crowds worldwide. He was formally educated at the Music Academy of Budapest before joining the Galician Television Orchestra in Spain, where he served as a saxophonist for five years. Upon completing his tenure with the orchestra, Rudolfsax turned his attentions to sharing his music with the world by offering his musician-for-hire services for all types of parties and events. Find out more about Rudolfsax at