Wedding celebration

01.-10. 2020. Maldive Islands

Maldivess Saxophone Player – Dj 

11-12. 2021. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest wedding saxophonist 

10.-05. 2019. Majorca, Spain

Majorca: wedding sax player

Birthday PARTY

12.-15. 2019. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona: sax player

10.-17. 2021. London, UK

Electric saxophone live set

12.-17. 2019. Mallorca, Spain

saxophone player  Ibiza

Party Events

12.-31. 2019. Doha, Qatar

Doha Saxophonist – DJ

12.-06. 2022. Dubai, UAE

Sax player dj live set

12.-20. 2021. Mallorca, Spain

Saxophone player Ibiza



Wedding Day

Wedding sax player and DJ     ceremony coctail dinner party


Party Events

Saxophone player and DJ    coorporate events, private parties etc


Birthday Party

              Sax palyer and DJ                    LED show



Rudolfsax is an international dj – saxophonist based in Barcelona and Budapest playing all over the world at events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, parties, anniversaries etc.
His large repertory is for all types of events and helps you find the right music for your perfect event.
In 2019 he worked as “wedding dj – saxophone player” and “saxophone player for events” in countries such as Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Qatar, Italy, Maldive Islands, Germany, United Kingdom.

He works with many wedding planners in Spain and also at weddings abroad.

He plays all types of weddings: wedding abroad, wedding in Spain, small weddings, beach wedding in Spain.

As a wedding saxophonist he has his own show as a “dance song with saxophone” “electric saxophone” “saxophone house music” “ibiza saxophone song” etc